It’s a no-brainer that the social media has taken control of everything in every business. As if now, social media has now become a powerful tool to get the right audience within the limited budget.

It was in 2003 when the cloud of social media flourished. A successful path to make the brand stand out. Things get advanced; lounge owners find a new attracting way to get growing their business using tweets, making lounge story and posting pictures #nofilters.

Since then, social media has changed the life of lounges in the way of doing business, interacting with the guests, promoting their brand, advertise, and even handle customer comments.

Apparently, one doesn’t have to hire a professional marketer for handling their lounge social media, with basic knowledge and techniques any owner can be a master in it. Throwing around items with proper hashtags, story, image filter and status update on channels like Facebook, Neo Pins, Twitter and Instagram will immediately reflect the results in your footfall.

Tip: Consistency is the key, make sure you are moving ahead with your new social media plan.

In this post, Neo Pins reveal five straightforward ways to make your lounge business stand out on social media.

Be Visualize

One of the easiest and quickest way to make your brand stand out on social media is to engage customers with visuals. The exciting visuals of food, team and customers or even behind the scenes excite other customers and make them land in your lounge.

It’s a well-known fact a picture with great pixels worth a thousand words, so play your lounge game rightly. Make sure to get creative and explore ways to use visuals in unexpected ways – for example trying puzzle feeds, and grid images on Instagram.

Share the guest’s content:

A key aspect to give your lounge a boost sales is to share your customer’s content. Repost the guest’s visuals on your lounge page with a credit to them. Also, make a hashtag of your lounge and ask your customers to post the lounge visuals using that hashtag. A shortcut to give you lounge ultimate limelight.

Be consistent:

What happens when the customer lands on your social media page and found the picture of last week, it makes them think before landing at your place. Timely post pictures whether of food or recent event are the smart ways to get connected with thousands of customers, immediately. So, pace yourself right and win the game.

Host Contests: 

Social Media has proven to be a great way to talk to customers about their experience. Live Q & A and poll on the social network of your choosing or created the best slideshow of the week. Spend a bit of time in interacting with customers and let your lounge stand-out.

Use videos to bring life to your lounge:

According to a study, videos are more appealing and attract customers as compared to visuals. Make an interactive video of your lounge including new menu, ambience, food and guests feedback; post at the right time and let the guests know about your services.

And, at last – Have a strategy in place?

The last and most important thing to make your lounge business shout is to have a proper marketing strategy in mind.  


Well, a wise strategy will help you to go in the right direction and makes you creative at the same time.  Watch out your cracks and try to overcome them. A fully prepared strategy would surely allow you to take your lounge business towards success.

Hopefully, you would implement these effective ways in your lounge business to get a shout in the marathon of social media.


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