Indeed! we get stuck in very situation with friends, trying to decide whether to call it to quit or have one more drink. Your mind is saying to rush while friends say- one more shot! You took a deep breath, and with a smiling face, tout de suite did the bottom’s up!

Usually, it’s straightforward for the people to keep themselves busy at the lounge but a little extra effort from the lounge itself can go a long way towards maintaining the guests entertain and cheering them for extra beers! But, how could one lounge successfully do this? In today’s time keeping customers connected is not as easy as it seems. Therefore, a lounge have to put the extra time to understand what actually the customer’s look for and how we can hold them for longer?

Neo Pins has listed the nine amazing tips to hold your patrons longer time. Let’s started!

Mobile Charging Stations: These days smartphones are connected to us like a 3rd limb. We don’t even go to the washroom without cell phone then how could one survive when they phone gets discharged. It is a common situation we face. So, lounge owners take advantage of this thing. Provide charging stations to patrons near their table which allows them to stay at your lounge longer and watch your sales graph go high.

Lounge Music: You have good music in your lounge, but what if your customers didn’t like? Play the background music as per the taste of the customers, ask them what type of music they would like to hear and so on. Engage your customers with music which is the best thing you can do to generate good sales.

TV’s: Every lounge has TV’s. But what happens if you play music channel when India Vs. Australia cricket match going on? Your patrons leave the lounge and prefer to sit at home and watch the match. Pay attention lounge owners, these days people visit lounge to refresh their mind and if they are not getting what they want they surely not going to choose you next time. As per studies by a Technomic the owner who choose to show sports and entertainment things are more likely to have good lounge reviews and ratings.

Lounge Games: No matter what game it is, if it’s being played, it’s increasing dwell time. Popular games like billiards, card games, board games are the fantastic way to keep the guests around.

Offer Free Wifi: Well, this may sound many lounge owners tricky, but yes offering free wifi can be a great way to keep the customers engaged for a very long time.

Live Music Performance: Engage your customers by having live music events at your lounge. The lounges which are already having this they must be knowing that live music is a great way to keep the guests coming. And the lounges which have just started then start with small events like comedians or open mic nights.

Loyalty Programs: Loyalty programs can be a great way to engage your customers. Hold small games and ask your customers if they win they get a voucher of 1500/- or more (depends on a lounge) or some awards like a signature mug or their photo on the wall of fame or admittance to an exclusive club.

Themed Nights: Hosting themed dance parties is an incredible way to keep the guests come in your lounge.

Happy Hours: People are crazy for happy hours! And if they come to know you are offering something for free, it gives them a good reason to land in your lounge. Offer like ‘Buy one beer get one beer and ‘one beer above Rs. 500’ and so on, these types of offers are a great way to engage customers.

Once you implement these ideas test against your profit graph from last month and see if there any improvement or not? Are these ideas worked well? Or something is still missing. If your guests are happy with your services, then Good Job, your task to engage customers is accomplished!!!

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