Neo Pins is the world’s leading hospitality & event directory.

Reach more customers & manage your Personalized Ad.

Listing your place at Neo Pins attracts new visitors to your location and help you to grow your business in the dynamic marketplace.

  • Our Listing will allow you to seamlessly manage your lounge information anytime, anywhere on any device.
  • Our Social media presence as well as connections in the daily world will generate traffic for your business, bringing your place close to your audience.
  • In this smartphone era, min. 60% of online visits are made on a phone or tablet: so we have made all of our site fully mobile optimised. Our mobile page/app allows visitors to visit your lounge on the go.
  • We turn mobile and web-browsing customers in to brand-new lounge visitors, with an average of 50% of customers being new to your lounge.
  • Increase your reach on social networks by adding/tagging us on your Facebook/Instagram page, allowing your customers to share their experience with others by leaving comments.

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