How do you bring new customers to your lounge who have never visited before? For making an impression is it only lounge decor which we have to work on? What about adding some new seasonal mocktail or introducing a change in the menu? Will you introduce new exciting offers? Or you would add something extra to attract those customers who just pass away from the doors of the lounge.

Now, you must be in deep thought that what’s that extra thing which your lounge is missing. You might have a great team of experienced staff to work everything out. Moreover, the lounge is fully equipped with all the high-class facilities, so what’s “that” extra-stuff which the customer looks for.

We know, competition is everywhere, few lounge owners make million dollars a day because they know how to tackle the present customers and the right tactic to engage the new ones.

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Keeping the word to word mouthconcept aside, there are few another general, or we say universally accepted ways to bring new customers, every day.

So, here are some tips to make it memorable for guests, while highlighting the best that your lounge has to offer:

Host their events: Be the venue they choose. Be it for a Birthday, Anniversary, Get-together party or whatsoever they are booking your lounge. Make their time at your lounge memorable by adding all the stuff they desire. We promise they will fill the space with folks who might not have heard of you before. This would be going to the first step of your lounge in the race of engaging more customers, but you should be careful that you are taking care of everything and well-worthy enough to make the second step, i.e. to create an experience they will not forget.

Give the guests a VIP treatment: An unforgettable seating experience is all in the details. That’s why it is important to go above and beyond wherever you can. Be very creative while doing the final touches and keep an eye on all the little details that can make the experience memorable. Few things like fresh flowers on the table, impeccable scented candles, freshly pressed table clothes and mood setting lights are the universally tested stuff that goes a long way.

Plan a strategy for food menu: Make sure to ask in advance if they have any food allergies or follow a strict diet or like to have gluten-free food. Beyond it, the best advice which you can give to customer’s is what you have known for. Suppose your lounge serves one of the city best waffles, so make sure never let your guests go without having them. You can also, make banners of all your lounge incredible cuisine and paste them on the wall. It will look catchy and make your lounge Instagram-worthy.

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Personalisation the events: We guess, personalising your events is also a great tactic and useful tactic to bring new customers. Once the customer dine-in your lounge, make sure to take some critical information about the persona like his birthday/anniversary day and phone number. So, whenever you host a new event, you can put them a message with all the events details and time. Even you can acknowledge your customers on their big day. These small details are beneficiary to make a lounge noticeable and person first place to entertain.

Well, we hope these tips would surely make you lounge capable enough to generate good sales every day with engaging more customers.

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