Are you not able to engage your customers in your lounge? Might be your music is not so soothing. Then, it’s time to change your tune.

Music in a lounge plays a significant role. Yes, it does. Its high impacts frequently show on everything, it boosts the sales and at the same time give customer satisfaction. According to recent studies, the lounges which play the right music, see a dramatic change in their sales. Even, the consumption of food and drinks enhances by a significant percentage. Now, that’s the point of concern.

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Believe it or not? Music evokes emotions, gives peace and calm one’s mind. Music has the magical powers to hold the things straight-away and brings one’s inner self. Moreover, the mood also matters, for instance, one can’t hear the Pop music right after waking up and instrumental at night. In short, the mood and music should coordinate with each other.

Keeping as a main concern, many lounge owners set their music according to the mood of the public, respective of the day-time. Lounge background music holds the power to entertain the people or irritate them – according to a lounge owner.

Many lounges in India and abroad are also looking for the right music which gives the best music experience to customers. Which music will drive them crazy? What music should be played at lunch or dinner time? If these questions are baffling you then not to worry, because Neo Pins, has shared the basic tips which would help you to set the customers mood.

Music for each part of the day:

lounge dining

Day-time: It’s good to play light-music in the daytime. As people are more in conversations at lunchtime, so this type of music sets the lounge atmosphere and give customers a good experience to enjoy the meals.

Dinner: Pop-music, jazz or classic rock are the great picks for the dinner time. During dinner, people likely to have music that beholds them also match with their image.

Happy-Hour: It’s the time when people get off their work. Catch with their friends for a bozzing. Happy-hour playlists must have great music that lively up the surrounding. Live music, new tunes work amazingly, they generate a hip-fun vibe.

Late Night: Lounges prefer to play soothing music which engages more customers. Old music gives a lively feeling.

Music according to the Environment:

lounge music

Just like planning the right music type as per the time of the day, it is also essential to the environment. Most of the lounges keep in profit because they mix-match the lounge music as per the time and environment. So, here is a list of all the lounge environments and what type of music suits the best or what not?

Family Dining: Make sure to take off the music with explicit lyrics. These type of song doesn’t look good and generate a bad image in the customer’s mind. Play soothing music which is suitable for all age groups.

Friends get-together: Lounge is the foremost choice of a young generation. At that time, keep your lounge music appealing and relaxed at the same time- to create a fun vibe. Ask them, which song they would like to get listen, it also gives them a chance to remember your lounge for a very good reason – the simplest way to satisfy customers.

Hence, these are some of the basic background music tips which a lounge owner needs to know, to generate good sales.


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