Want your guests to stay longer in your lounge? Want them to see more often? then what should one do? Are you thinking of revamping? That might be fine once in 3 years. But, we would suggest you to put extra efforts and look for something different that bring in more customers. How about lounge game? The patrons would love playing popular games while having shisha and mocktails at the lounge. But, how come one know which game to have in the lounge. Not to worry, Neo Pins have listed the best games to play in a lounge.

Let the Game Begins!

Dice Games (No Dice!)

Affordable, versatile and straightforward. A fantastic dice games give your customers to enjoy the night with little fun! Have some cups with dice and arrange it near the drinks section, also assign discounts to the dice. Then ask your customers to pay a security deposit to roll up the dice before ordering.

  • 1=$ three off
  • 2=no dice!
  • 3=make it a double on the house
  • 4=50 cents off
  • 5=no dice!
  • 6=no dice!


If you are having an outdoor space or a patio at your lounge, then cornhole must be a big hit. Either has a cornhole tournament or ask customers to make the team and toss the bean bags at the board hole.

Cornshole also knows as tailgate toss, bean bag toss, corn toss or bean sack is an inexpensive way to engage customers at the lounge.


An affordable game that gives customers to make the most of the night is to play an everlasting dart game. To make the shooting range game interesting put few discounts like

  • Dart on the red spot – $5 off
  • Dart on the second circle (green) – $3 off

This will allow customers to play and spend more.

Social Board Games

Social board games never go out of the trend. Be it a small group of friends or large parties; board games are a great way to engage everyone. You can have classic routes and standard games like Jenga, Ludo, Snake & Ladder game, Cards Games like Uno, Meme Game, Cards Against Humanity, Exploding Games and something else to create good vibe at the lounge.

Table Games

The one game that is worth spending for a lounge is table games. Customer profoundly loves these games and used as crowd-pleasing. Table games that are air hockey, snooker, billiards, foosball and coin-operated games are the most straightforward and best lounge games.

Live Trivia

Live trivia nights are the best lounge games to attract midweek guests. The trivia nights loved by all – from college going to baby boomers. And one of the best crowd-pleasing lounge games.

For this, you don’t need to hire someone; you can train your own staff member and rock with them only.

Competitive karaoke

Karaoke sounds easy, but how about selecting the “Best Voice” off night. Ask the guests to come on stage and match their vocals with the instrument. Now, ask other guests to share their feedback or give the number out of 10. The winner should get a gift card and receive free drinks.

Beat the Bartender

Games become more interesting when the staff gets involved. Host weekly promotional events to get customers to play with bartenders for drink discounts. Arrange a desk near the drink section and play trendy games like flip the coin, dice in the glass and rock-paper-scissors. If the customer wins, then they will give 30% off on their order, or if the bartender wins, then you can decide. These type of social, engaging games offers quirky sale and make the good atmosphere in the lounge.

Wall of Fame

Well, this one is of free but bring much revenue. All it requires a wall of your lounge and some creativity. Come up with an extreme challenge – like eating entire chilli cheese pizza on one go, drinking 3 litres of beer in one sitting or having 30 beers in a week (with daily limits, of course). Customers who complete these task successfully earns a spot on your “WALL OF FAME” – which get to see by all. This will inevitably drive more purchase in your lounge.

Play by Play

It’s a football season. So, the lounge would be first preference for football lovers. But how cool it looks, if they could play football while watching? Arrange a net with green grass-like carpet and ask customers to play. If they do five goals in a row, offer 3% off on beverages and if they do more than ten goals, give them 2-for-1 appetisers for an hour after the game.

We hope you find these games inspiring and fantastic. Adding the game vibe to the lounge can be a small investment, but the return is significant. The ultimate game-winning strategy is one that keeps the customer’s needs in focus. Always.

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