What a vape lover needs the most? A tempting delicious vape juice for its vape. Right! Well, vape juices come in different mind-blowing flavours. To know more about the world of the fascinating E-juices, have a read below.

If you have ever encountered with any vape lover, you might have seen them with a small bottle. Wondering what they are? Those tiny bottles are of e-juices and for a vape lover, vape juice or e-juice is like butter or bread of the elite for vaping. You might have noticed that a vape lover never leaves a home with their favourite e-juice flavours. The pockets of their baggy pants are always filled up with amazing e-juices.

If you are new to this vaping world, then it is necessary for you to understand what keeps all these experienced vapers going.

Is it the nicotine strength? Is the quality of E-cigarette itself? Or is the type of E-juice dripped inside the vape tank?

Well, the nicotine level and model of e-cigarette do matter, but a good quality of vape e-juices matters the most. It is the one thing that keeps the vaper passion burning long and loud for the product.

For you, it first needs to understand the fascinating world of e-juices. Here, we have listed down few of the best e-juices which you must try before settling down for one!

The best producers of the fruity E-juices:

Throne- The Mother

As like the name, this is the mother of all e-juices. It is the juice with 30% of PG and 70% of VG (ideal for smoke thickness). The regular smoker prefers it to make a switch from cigarette to a vape with this flavoured e-juices. The taste of this juice comes with surgery aroma of passion fruit. This e-juice also comes up with a minimum of 3mg of nicotine.

Fantasy Grape Ice

If you are a heavy smoker and require a good throat hit than the fantasy grape ice should be your leading choice. It consists of an appropriate PG and VG ratio. Next, you can have Fanta grape fizzy drink which would definitely make you crave for more.

AJ vape mango blackcurrant

Most of the people like to have mango splashed with a pinch of blackcurrant for desserts. If you are one of those than this e-juice flavour is all for you. This mango flavour with a hint of blackcurrant e-juice is amazingly refreshing. This comes with the 50/50 ratio of PG and VG with the minimum 6mg nicotine strength.  

Grandeur Fort Laramie Strawberry

According to our survey conducted, we found that this is the most terrific e-juice flavour ever consumed. You will hard to find another vape e-juice like this one. The grandeur fort Laramie strawberry have the 50/50 PG and VG ratio with the same nicotine strength. You may simply say no to the strawberry flavoured ice cream but you can’t say no to this amazing Grandeur Fort Laramie Strawberry.

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