In few years, the market of electronic cigarette has seen a rapid growth. Be it a youngster or old age; everyone prefers to smoke electronic shisha over the traditional one. Moreover, lounges are now also offering electronic cigs (vape) to their customers. Those who think that electronic cigs are similar to traditional hookah then you must read this article. So, without further ado; here are some of the differences between the traditional shisha and the Vape.

Hookah uses Tobacco; Vape uses E-liquid:

Those who don’t know, Shisha is flavoured tobacco that is used to smoke a water pipe called hookah. The flavoured tobacco is heated with charcoal to produce a massive amount of smoke. The one session of shisha lasts for around one to two hour. Whereas, in case of electronic cigarette one have to inhale e-liquid through electronic vape device. The e-liquid is made from propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, diluted liquid nicotine, and a flavour concentrate.

E-liquid juices come in different nicotine concentrations from 0mg to 12mg, with the same amount of PG and VG. If you want to cut down your nicotine level, you can order less nicotine e-liquid with it. If you wish to bigger clouds, then order e-juice with high vegetable glycerin. Or, if you want more of a throat hit, then order e-liquid with more propylene glycol.

So, go on and choose any of your favourite e-liquid flavours from the mint shisha flavour to double apple, cola to paan, blueberry to strawberry shisha flavour, melon to orange and many more.

Both devices work on the same principle:

Electronic cigarette or vape is the electronic form of hookah, with the major difference is that e-cigs lacks in tobacco or nicotine. Also, the e-cigs are meant to produce much more smoke as compared to traditional hookah. The smoke which is produced is not real smoke it’s water vapour created using the device integral cartridge and battery. The battery inside the device heats up the e-liquid and produces vapour.

Traditional Hookah has some health concerns:

Shisha is produced by mixing charcoal with additive flavours and unwanted toxins. The tobacco produced in shisha is more dangerous and same as that found in cigarettes – except the charcoal. Some believe that one round of shisha produces around 600 puffs which are far harmful & greater than a cigarette. It would be equivalent to two packets of cigarettes.

Electronic-shisha might be not the same thing, but have some advantages:

Traditional hookah has significant health issues. Lots of people think that tobacco is filtered through water pipe which is entirely untrue. Traditional shisha consumes more charcoal and tobacco as compared to e-cigs and causes harmful effects on the body. Shisha is one of the most hazardous recreations of the modern era.

Hookah uses charcoal and vape uses electricity:

In a hookah session, the smoke is produced by heating the tobacco with charcoal. The high-quality of charcoal is usually made with coconut shells, mid-level charcoal is made with wood, and cheap-quality charcoal is made from no-one-knows and is covered with sketchy lighter fluid.

Burning, the charcoal for shisha session, is an “Art”. If you want more heat to produce use number of coals, or if you want, then use fewer coals.

Whereas, E-cigs heat up the e-juice electronically through a device called atomiser, which receives power from a battery. The atomiser usually wrapped around the organic cotton which soaks up the e-liquid, turn to produce vapour once heat is applied. The heat can be adjusted from outside and measures in watts or voltage.

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