“Why to kiss a Cigarette, when you can kiss exotic flavours of VAPES.

What is a VAPE?

Vaping can be understood as an act of inhaling the vapour that evaporates a flavoured liquid from an Electronic cigarette or e-cigarette. The flavoured liquid in the Electronic cigarette is termed as e-liquid, and it comes in various flavours such as cinnamon, vanilla, cotton candy, pan, raspberry and much more. The e-liquid consists of the mixture of Nicotine, Propylene Glycol (PG), and Vegetable Glycerin (VG). Both PG and VG are blended to create unique and exotic flavours.

Vaping is a tobacco-free version of the traditional smoking cigarette.”

A Short History of Vaping?

The first Electronic-cigarette was introduced in 1963 by American Herbert A. Gilbert patented as “smokeless non-tobacco cigarette” which involved the replacing of tobacco with flavoured liquid and heat. But, it cannot attain more fame because smoking has become the high-class trend.

The mastermind Chinese pharmacist Hon Lik who was working in a ginseng products manufacturing company, who took the inspiration from his father (a chain-smoker, died because of lung cancer) and introduced a high-frequency, flavoured, piezoelectric ultrasound emitting substance to evaporate which have less quantity of nicotine. Lik termed this device as “Ruyan” which means “less smoke”.

And soon Ruyan become familiar and spreads its feet in middle-US in the mid-2000s and from there VAPING was born.

Anatomy of Vaporizer:

An Electronic cigarette is made up of multiple components:

Battery: Gave power to the electronic device and charged through USB.

Cartridge: the flavoured liquid or e-juice.

Tube: Major component of the Vaporizer.

Atomiser: In charge of heating the e-juice, which user inhales and exhales.

Cartomizer: in which cartridge and atomiser rolled together.

E-liquid: the primary product of vaping, from where the action becomes. It comes in hundreds of flavours with a little blend of nicotine.

All these ingredients get vaporised in the battery-powered atomiser which gives you the fascinating experience of smoking.

What exactly is Vaping?

If you are new to the world of Vapes and wondering what vaping is like, then you must read this:

The flavoured liquid comes in different nicotine strengths from (0mg – 24mg).

  • 6mg is ultra-light
  • 12mg is medium
  • 18 mg is regular
  • And 24 mg is strong.

Plus, there comes zero milligrams e-juice which contains no nicotine, and it is for those who just love to vape.

You can choose the nicotine strengths as per your requirements, but it is always advisable to start with less. Otherwise, you will get a stronger throat sensation which is known as ‘throat-hit’ or ‘kick’ in the world of vape.

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