The debate on which is better either vaping or smoke and is vape safe or not is a never-ending topic. Even the food you eat is also not 100% healthy.

Vaping does involve nicotine (less quantity), but no tobacco. It gives you the feeling of flavoured liquids that evaporates smoke, but there are no adverse effects of vaping on health and arteries. It emits a flavoured vapour that has no harmful effects on public health also.

Though it is similar to smoking, it is odourless. It offers you nicotine in a fixed strength (0mg – 24 mg). It depends on you in which nicotine quantity you want to inhale the e-juice.

The surprising fact about Vaping is that you can legally almost anywhere inhale it, it’s not a drug. But there are some places where you have to respect the rules, and everything will be fine. You can save a lot more in E-cigarette, there are no butts, no fire or flame, no social stigmas or you don’t need to keep matchstick all the time. Vaping is cost-effective, and it runs for an extended time- as compared to smoking.

If you are also in the marathon of quit smoking but you can’t, then Vaping is the best solution for you. It is tobacco-free and gives you a healthier experience.

Well, Vaping is all-new and slightly misunderstood, it’s better to do your own research and come to a dilemma.

Neo Pins hope that this article will somewhat sort your misconceptions about vaping and make a better decision.

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