Someone has rightly said, people quickly get attracted to latest technology and gadgets.

These days, the one technology which is quite popular among the young generation and even adults is the hookah. Some people coined hookah and shisha as same, but these two have different meanings. Hookah is referred to water pipe through which various substance can be smoked or vaporized whereas, shisha is the tobacco flavour used within it.

Hookah has now become the symbol of royalty. There are some excellent shishas that are available in the market which are used in formal occasions to represent high standards of living of people and of course they are costly. These hookah’s features and designs are different from others, which makes them priceless. The precious material used for making these majestic shishas are ceramic, crystal and even gold. All these types of shishas are beautifully crafted by some of the big brands and gracefully enacted to attract more people.

Down here, Neo Pins shared a complete list of all the most expensive and top-rated shishas available in the world.

Desvall Chrome Plated Shisha: Desvall Chrome Plated Shisha is the one of the world’s most expensive shisha. It is considered as the masterpiece in the world of Hookahs. This shisha is beautifully carved with chrome rings and enriched with Swarovski crystals which gives it a complete luxurious look.

The cost of Desvall Chrome Plated Shisha is: $100,000

Aurentum Switzerland Hookah: Designed with the help of two brilliant Swiss Artists, Aurentum Switzerland Hookah has given the world one of the most astounding Hookah. This hookah is plated with silver and adorned with 24-carat gold. The base of the hookah is made up of 18-carat gold and comes with a wind cover which is silver plated with 24-carat gold. Total, there are eight handmade scarabs on hookah which are made of platinum and diamonds of 36 carats. The pot of hookah is Morano glass, covered with silver and enhanced with 24-carat gold piece. The connecting tubes are enrolled with Venetian velvet and mouthpieces are also made up of silver.

The cost of Aurentum Switzerland Hookah is $ 1,000,000.

Kaloud Lotus Gold Kouture:  Kaloud Lotus Gold Shisha is seriously an eyebrow raiser. Engraved with the name of the buyer which makes this shisha a priceless edition. For shisha lovers, this shisha is perfect for presenting a high standard in society.

The cost of Kaloud Lotus Gold Kouture is: $70,000

Desvall Custom Shisha: A customized shisha which is made by the brand named – Devall. The company craft this beautiful shisha on one’s request and as per the given descriptions regarding the designs. The shisha is made from 24 Carat gold plated metal which enhanced with Swarovski crystals that provide shisha with an astonishing look.

The cost of Desvall Custom Shisha is: $100,000 or higher (depends on one’s requirements)

Desvall Black Metal and Gold Shisha: Desvall black metal and gold shisha also come with 24-carat gold ring in the middle part. This shisha is too enhanced with Swarovski crystals which gives shisha a unique and luxurious look. This black metal and gold plated shisha are adorned with hand-woven beautiful black leather which makes it expensive and classy.

The cost of Desvall Black Metal and Gold Shisha is: $100,000

Desvall Crystal and Chrome shisha:  This new and classy Desvall Crystal and Chrome Shisha is entirely made up of crystal glass and a small waistband which is also made up of chrome is located in the middle part. The smoke chamber is found at the bottom. This crystal and chrome shisha is also adorned with handwoven fine white leather which give this shisha s trendy look.


The cost of Desvall Crystal and Chrome Shisha is: $100,000

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