The market of shisha has grown dramatically. The people are getting more attracted towards shisha. Most of Shisha lovers have shisha just because it makes them feel relaxed, without even knowing the facts of shisha.

People have many questions related to shisha, i.e. does shisha contain a harmful substance or not? Does shisha show adverse effects on the body or not? Are there any similarities between the Shisha waterpipe and cigarette? Questions like these are unlimited, but they need answers. Neo Pins has shared some crucial secrets about a shisha that a shisha lover must need to know.

Same effects like a cigarette: Those who believe that smoking shisha has no destruction then, the truth is breathing secondhand smoke from the water pipe, and smoking shisha is presumed to have similar effects as smoking a cigarette. Smoking shisha is same as dangerous as having a cigarette.

Shisha has cancer-causing substance: The substance in shisha contains amounts of nicotine, some harmful toxins like tar, carbon monoxide, metals like cobalt, a lead that causes cancer.

Smoking shisha has an addiction: The substances in smoking shisha increase blood nicotine levels and heart rate. The material triggers chemical reactions in nerve endings, which release dopamine that gives the feeling of pleasure. Nicotine is an integral part of smoking tobacco.

Charcoal in shisha increase the risk of diseases: Shisha smoke contains combustion products like charcoal or wood cinder, which are used to burn the tobacco. These products can cause only damage to the body.

Smoking shisha delivers more smoke in the body: A shisha smoking session usually runs for 30-80 minutes during which a smoker may inhale as much smoke like that from 100 or maybe more cigarettes. Well, this only manipulated the harmful effects of shisha one body.

Shisha comes in flavoured tobacco: The general form of tobacco smoked in shisha is called Massel, which is sweetened and comes in a variety of flavours like apple, mint, coconut, cappuccino, etc.

Smoking shisha can damage body organs: Smoking shisha is often associated with health-related diseases like cancer, lung problems, heart diseases and more. Sooner or later, a shisha lover experience some adverse changes in their body.

Shisha shows an adverse effect on pregnancy: If women smoke shisha during pregnancy, they put their unborn child at significant risk of diseases like low birth weight and other birthing problems.

Shisha lounges introducing like gadgets: The most common areas of the world where smoking shisha has become a trend are the China, Turkey, India and the Eastern Mediterranean Region, as well as the United States.

Yes, Shisha can spread infectious diseases: Smoking shisha regularly can widespread the fatal illness like tuberculosis, herpes and hepatitis. Moreover, viral infection can also be transmitted by sharing shisha mouthpieces.

Conclusion: Well, we hope these evidence are well enough to make one understood that smoking shisha is equivalent to smoking a cigarette.

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