In terms of smoking, India is the second largest country. People in India not only prefer cigarettes but also consume shisha, beedi, weed and chewing gutka. These habits have an abundance of side-effects which may even lead to death.

There was a case registered of vape selling and using in the North-Indian part of Punjab where a drug inspector found vapes in a small crockery shop.

Kumar, 25 (owner of the crockery shop), was the breadwinner in his middle-class family. After his shop was raided, he spent two years worrying about his fate as his court case languished in the Indian justice system. Then this spring he was convicted and sentenced to three years in prison, with an additional fine of 100,000 rupees (about $1,500) for selling the vapes.

But the Kumar lawyer says there is a no ground to arrest my client. He stated that Kumar was trying to quit the smoking by vaping and not selling a single piece of vape to anyone. He said that there is no definition or mention in under any Indian penal court that using vapes or e-cigarettes for personal use is banned in India.

Because of the inconclusive evidence, Kumar was granted bail until the high court viewed the case. Like most countries, India has yet to solidify its laws on vaping. A handful of states, including Punjab bans the import, distribution and sale of electronic nicotine delivery systems. And in 2013, the state drugs controller listed e-cigarettes and vaporisers as “unapproved drugs”. But private consumption of nicotine or vaping itself is not defined under any law in India. So the relatively small, but growing, community of vapers in the country is operating mostly through online purchases.

So from the above case; we clarify that till now in India, using vapes or e-cigarettes for personal consumption is not banned. Or not mention in any law

There is a law which says that in India the use of E-cigarette is legal. Under the Indian health law of 2006 tobacco smoking is banned in public since E-cigarette avoids the use of tobacco, they do not fall under this law.

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