What is the first thing comes to our mind when we the hear the word Shisha? A big bottled glass jar filled with tempting tobacco flavours? Right?

The truth is, shisha is a flavoured tobacco which is used to fill inside the bottled-jar.  Shisha comes in various herbal flavours and is the primary substance which has to be smoked through a hookah. Shisha usually contains tobacco but in less quantity. Shisha comes with the blend of fruits and molasses sugar. Some of the popular flavours of shisha include apple, strawberry, mint and cola wood, charcoal. These flavours burned in the shisha pipe to heat the tobacco and produce the smoke.

The market of Shisha is proliferating. The young generation is curious to know what shisha is and excited to taste the new, different flavours of Shisha. A study shows that a shisha user can’t live without having three or more sessions of Shisha every week. Or much worst, a shisha user cannot stand to forgo a day without smoking shisha. If a shisha user stands without having shisha for two-three days, they would become the victim of their own circumstances. They would get irritated and frustrated. The attention is to be paid, and all shisha user must know the common myths and facts of Shisha.

Myth 1: Herbal Shisha is healthfuller than regular Shisha.

Real fact: Smoking herbal or “natural” stuff are not always healthier, the natural Shisha exposes the smoker to tar and carcinogens.

Myth 2: Shisha does not contain tobacco and mostly molasses, so it is not harmful.

Real fact:  The fruity flavours of shisha tend to cover up the toxins present in Shiha and because of its fruity taste people are likely to inhale it in excess amounts.

Myth 3: Shisha contains no nicotine and less addictive as smoking a cigarette.

Real fact: Shisha do contain nicotine. In fact, in a one-hour shisha session, smokers are exposed to 100 to 200 times the volume of smoke inhaled from one cigarette.

Myth 4: Shisha is healthy as it has no harmful effects.

Real Fact: Shisha doesn’t show any adverse effects of the body like it does not burn the lungs when inhaled because the smoke is cooled through the water present in the base of the Shisha pipe. Though the vapour is cooled, still it contains carcinogens which are unhealthy.

Myth 5: Smoking Shisha is healthier than smoking cigarettes.

Real Fact: The end product of both the substance is charcoal. In a cigarette smoke is generated by burning the tobacco whereas in shisha smoke is produced by heating tobacco in a bowl-using charcoal.

Myth 6: The water pipe filters all the harmful toxins from Shisha

Real Fact: The level of carcinogens present in Shisha depends on various factors for instance span of smoking, length, depth and frequency of inhalation. Higher the standards of this substance, more top carcinogens. The smoke of Shisha contains aerosol, tar and other massive metal particles.

Myth 7: Shisha produces less nicotine than regular cigarettes.

Real Fact: Both, cigarette and shisha produces the approximately same level of nicotine. The level of nicotine in shisha is depended on tobacco, and all the best tobacco flavours generally come with high nicotine level.

Myth 8: Smoking shisha may give long-term health problems

Real Fact: Continuous usage of shisha can lead to various health problems such as heart and lung diseases, much like cigarette smoking. Moreover, diseases like hepatitis, herpes and tuberculosis can also spread when Shisha hose mouthpieces are shared.

People who all are addicted to shisha might be misinformed or did not know the harmful effects of shisha on the body. Smoking shisha in an appropriate manner does not harm the body but once the level of smoke increased it may show some adverse effects. If you love to smoke shisha also don’t want to get in trouble, then purchase only the best shisha flavours from Neo Pins.


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