Have you ever wondered that why people feel relax and calm while having shisha? The reason is with every inhalation of shisha you somewhere feel like the weight of the work is leaving your body. You unknowingly laugh and enjoy the moment with your friends; you feel pleasant and stress-free. Those who don’t know that having shisha is an ideal way to unlock your creative skills. If you are looking for some inspirations, Neo Pins has shared the things to enjoy while smoking hookah.

Writing: With every day working load, we often get time to relax our mind. Luckily, this haze can be overcome by writing a short story or few lines and any thoughts running through your mind. Smoking shisha not only lightens your body but its one puff free you from tension. So, next time whenever you smoke shisha grab the nearest pen and start scribbling down.

Draw: Drawing is one way to overload your stress. It reminds you of your childhood; it makes you happy and put in a refreshing mood. And when you draw while having shisha it heightens your experience of hookah; whether you want to paint a wall or wish to bring in a sketchbook, you will surely feel relax and enjoyable. Additionally, your skills to improve each time you take another puff in different shisha flavours.

Colouring: We all love colouring, since childhood. But as the time passes, we fill the colours in other life but forget to fill in ours. So, this is our time to fill colours. From the past few years, the adult colouring book has become quite famous. They are meant as the simplest way to calm one’s mind and body- just like Shisha. So, bring out your creativity by colouring in your kid’s book or adult. Use different colouring shades and praise yourself for your creativity.

Free your mind!

Well, there are countless ways to calm the mind. Some prefer to travel, while others shop. These are few of the creative things which you can do anytime when you are feeling down or having shisha.

Happy Shisha!


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