B-town Celebrities are a brand which can make any product hit. These people have a huge fan following and they are the one who brings new fashion in the market.

In a country like India, people treat the celebrities like gods. Some of the celebs even have temples on there name and prayers are done in order to make them happy. Every individual in India desires to look as their favourite actor. So they intimate them by copying their hairstyle, dressing sense and prefer consuming other products which they introduce to the public. Moreover, to make you understand they are humans, not gods. And humans have bad habits too like smoking or drinking or any other. But people think they are their role model, that means if they will smoke and ruin their body they will also do the same.

Celebrities are also very health conscious. Nobody wants to suffer from the effects of smoking if there is a way to quit smoking they must do that like vaping does it.

Britney Spears quit smoking because she doesn’t want her kids to move on the same track. Robert Pattinson the Twilight star start vaping to quit smoking.


leovape2-768x697Leonardo DiCaprio

A famous Hollywood actor who is known for the most romantic movie Titanic (Jack Dawson) the Oscar winner versatile actor who practice vape a lot. Leo always seems to promote vaping in many awards function such as 2016 SAG award ceremony and even was seen in 2014 golden globe award. He also uses to smoke a lot but because of that illness through smoking, he started vaping. He always promotes vaping. You can simply search on google and you will able to know how popular Leo vaping habit around the world.

c6efe9c9d60b75ed428b62615d1f3b8aBritney spears

She is the american singing sensation and the mother of two lovely children. In the past public has criticised her for smoking in front of her kids after that Britney has quited her unhealthy smoking habits and turned to vaping. She is now living a vaping life. She feels that it’s good for their kid’s health and there are no ill effects.

Norman Reedus

Famous for his role in the Walking Dead TV horror drama series know as (Daryl Dixon). He is the model, actor, photographer and also as the Murphy MacManus in the Boondock Saints is an American crime film. He also uses to smoke a lot but due to ill effects of smoking, he switched to vaping for his good health.

Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta: Lady Gaga

Known professionally as Lady Gaga is an American singer, songwriter, and actress a popular contemporary recording artist she also enjoys vapes.

These are only a few actors list who use to vape make a switch from smoking to vaping for their health. You can also make a switch and live a healthy life by choosing a vape for your health.

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