The winters have arrived. In winters specifically, people prefer to have shisha and of course, enjoy lovely weather together with it. But, there are some things which are important to know while having shisha in cold weather. Neo Pins would love to guide you for that.

No cracks in shisha: Most of the shisha lovers have glass base and many of them have broken glass base. Well, these all are just accidents which we can’t be prevented. But, if one has the proper knowledge so, yes, they can avoid these fractures.

Once the smoke session completes, don’t rinse the glass base directly with the water as the glass may be the warm and sudden change in the temperature may cause a fracture or entirely shatter.

One should always clean their glass base with warm water, regardless of any season. The same procedure should be applied to clay bowls.

Heat the charcoal, not yourself: If you are lighting the coals in a garage in the cold season and thinking to warm your hands with the burner, then you might get in trouble. Because, hovering around the heater when the coals are in their initial lighting stage, will produce an irritating smell that might not be good for your respiratory system.

Don’t hover around the burner and once the charcoal starts glowing from all sides, hold them with tongs and quickly put them on shisha bowl.

Keep charcoal in an airtight container: If you want to extend the life of your charcoal so never place them near the water in cold weather link the sink. Place them in an airtight container or an arid location, because a sudden drop in temperature pushes the air molecules close together, squeeze them and form water which makes the rain or snow.

Many of us might experience the trouble of heating a moist charcoal, in the winter season. We recommend you to heat the charcoal in the oven at 250-300 degrees for about 8-10 minutes. Once the charcoal cools down, put it back in a designated container. Make sure to clean the container with a dry cloth to remove excess moisture. Doing this, will undoubtedly, extend the shelf life of the charcoal.

Keep a trapper wind cover: Who doesn’t love to have shisha outside in cold weather? Well, we all do. Besides having a perfect winter clothing, one should also keep a wind keeper.

A wind keeper is useful all around the season. These wind covers prevent the unwanted air, which gives trouble in litting up the charcoal and keeps the charcoal glowing.

Those who are thinking that how this wind cover helps in keeping the charcoal glowing, so remember, higher the amount of focused heat, the more temperature on the shisha bowl.

Essential to pre-heat the ovens, not Lotus: Remember, never try to heat any hookah device. As it increases the risk or might burn the top layer of shisha. We recommend you to pick the device with metal plucker and wash it in hot water and drying thoroughly.

Well, we hope these tips will help you in getting an amazing cold winter shisha. If you want to know about the best winter shisha flavours, then stay tuned for our next blog. Till then, Enjoy winter shisha.

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