Have you wondered that why most of us love the winter season? The answer is very simple. Everything is covered with snow. The streets & houses covered with the snow blanket looks mesmerising. Moreover, in winters we welcome the new year and of course Christmas.

Furthermore, the winter season is perfect for bonfire parties. People sit near the fire and smoke their favourite shisha flavour which makes everything cheerful. What flavours are you preferring this winter season? Are they same to the past year? If yes, it’s time to switch. This winter season try different exotic flavours of shisha, might be you’ll get your another favourite shisha flavour. We have decided to tell you the five best winter shisha flavours that will cure your winter blues.Starbuzz Holiday Mix: Starbuzz holiday mix is an award-winning winter shisha flavour. This shisha taste like freshly baked apple cinnamon pie garnished with nutmeg and vanilla. So, this Christmas spice up your sweet tooth with this amazing Starbuzz holiday mix flavour.Roman Apple Cinnamon: Who not love to enjoy a warm apple cinnamon in cold weather, well everyone loves. So, enjoy this snowfall with this overpowering roman apple cinnamon flavour. This flavour will not only keep you warm but also offer calm relaxation.

Starbuzz Vintage Orange Chocolate: Starbuzz vintage flavour is precisely what a chocolate lover seeks. The flavour sweet and savoury taste is perfect for a holiday season. This flavour is rich, buzzy and great for true hookah connoisseur.

Fumari Spiced Chai: Fumari Spiced Chai is one of the delicious flavours that can be smoked all the year around. Enriched with the blend of chai spices is so smooth and easy to smoke. Fumari Spiced Chai is one of the highest selling shisha flavours during the holiday season.Fantasia Gingerbread: Gingerbread, one of iconic winter shisha flavour. This shisha flavour is rich in taste and made with freshly chopped ginger, nutmeg and cinnamon altogether combined to spice up the holiday season.

Hence, these are some of the best winter shisha flavours. Moreover, no one just can’t get enough of these smoky shisha flavours. So, what are you waiting to celebrate this holiday season by smoking up the best ginger, chocolate, apple cinnamon flavours.

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