In the first part, we introduced with the top five expensive Shisha’s of the world. Now, in the second part, we brief you with the renaming posh Shisha’s.

  1. Desvall Crystal Black Shisha: Desvall Crystal Black shisha is made up of a pure black crystal which gives it a much impressive look. The smoke chamber at down is too made up of glass, and another shisha part is engraved with rich black shiny colour. The price of this shisha is bit high, but it is worth for its glorious look.

The cost of Desvall Crystal Black Shisha is: $60,000


  1. Devall Crystal Gold Edition shisha: Another classy shisha of Devall brand is Devall Crystal Gold Edition, came with full gold plated body and adorned with handcrafted white leather which makes it look impressive. The smoke chamber of shisha is made of glass which is entirely hand cut. Same as Desvall Crystal Black shisha its price is too high, and it’s worth for the people who love the luxury lifestyle.

The cost of Devall Crystal Gold Edition shisha is: $60,000


  1. Gold and Crystal limited edition: Made up of pure 24 Carat gold and engraved with real Swarovski crystals give this gold and crystal shisha impressive and stylish look. The top of the shisha is designed with glass and is also adorned with handsewn white leather at the bottom.

The cost of Gold and Crystal limited edition is: $40,000


  1. Desvall Gold limited edition: It is one of the limited shisha gold editions of Devall brand. Made with 24-carat gold and enhanced with pure Swarovski crystals which gives this Shisha an impressive and vibrant look. Perfect for shisha lovers, who want to experience royalty at a high price.

The cost of Desvall Gold limited edition is: $40,000


  1. Porsche Design Shisha: Porsche design shisha is ideal for those shisha lovers who want to experience lavishness in low price. This shisha is made of pure stainless steel, and its entire exterior is of frosted glass whereas the inner stem is made up of aluminium. The shisha has a solid pipe that amazingly holds the shisha flavours. The coal and clay pot of the shisha is kept inside, but it remains visible. Porsche design shisha is bit heavy and requires properly maintained.

The cost of Porsche Design Shisha is: $16,000


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