The summers are around the corner. The time of the year where excessive heat and sun is over the head. People look for alternatives to avoid the heavy heat. Fruits like Mint, Cola, Orange helps to keep you away from sun strokes. Same in Shisha, there are flavours which keep you chilled from inside. We have listed some of the best shisha flavours to beat this warm season calmly.

Al Fakher Mint: Mint is the one flavour that can be mixed with any flavour. Mint shisha flavour revive your body.  No one can produce mint flavour like Al Fakher Mint. Al Fakher Mint is the popular shisha flavour and every shisha lovers first and last preference.

Starbuzz Blue Mist: Starbuzz Blue Mist is Coca-cola shisha flavour. This is very popular among the newbies. The tobacco flavours contain the mix of sweet blueberry and fresh mint. From the last many years, Starbuzz Blue Mist acts to be the best shisha flavour seller due to its tempting taste.

Tangiers Noir Cane Mint: Peppermint inspired Tangiers shisha flavours is the paramount choice of all the shisha lovers. Its enticing aroma takes you to wonder different land.

Orange Keef – Ugly Hookah: Orange is one of the most overwhelming intense flavours of Hookah. The brand Ugly Hookah Tobacco manufacture the best citrus flavours, and their orange keef flavour is magical. The flavour delivers the sweet layers of pulp to the Rhine with an added subtle citrus spice. And when this magical flavour mix with some AF Rose the outcome is delicious.

The other famous flavour of the same brand includes Secret Agent, Maracoje & Ma-Wardi.

The one thing which you have to keep in mind is not to overheat the citrus flavours because the taste can get repulsive and may ruin your experience.

Starbuzz Vintage Tobacco – Root Beer: One of the most prominent flavours of vintage time that has directly landed in your bowl from Starbuzz. The Root Beer flavour has won several hearts from its pleasant aroma. It is a beautiful combination of root beer, candy spice, vanilla and the touch of sarsaparilla makes you smoke the flavour back to back. You can also toss it with Dark Vanilla or some Cinnamon.

Trifecta Hookah Tobacco – Lavender Mint: The Trifecta brand gained much popularity when they launched their delicious blend of Lavender mint shisha flavour. On every puff of this flavour, you will experience sweet bitter tones. To get the best of this flavour try to mix it with any peach flavour (of your choice).

Pan Rasna: The delicious blend of fruity essences such as pomegranate, cherry with paan is perfect to spice up things this summer. The Pan Rasna flavour of any brand like Al Fakher, Soex, Starbuzz is just fantastic. You can prefer any brand for this magical and refreshing sweet shisha flavour.

Fumari Hookah Tobacco – White Gummi Bear: This sweet pineapple flavour wins the battle of highly favourite fruit shisha flavour. The Gummi Bear flavour is all for those shisha lovers who want to beat this heat calmly. Fumari White Gummi Bear shisha flavour that leads the way for a light melon undertone to shine. The brand produces some of the exquisite shisha flavours, the rest flavours of their famous flavour includes Blueberry muffin and spiced chai.

Bubblegum: What about some nostalgia? When we were kids, we loved to enjoy chewing gum. And, what if someone told you that your favourite bubble gum flavours also come in shisha flavour? Amazing it is, many brands produce some refreshing bubble gum, shisha flavours that could bring your childhood memories. However, the essence and the flavour is spot on and just irresistible!

Pure Tobacco – Citrus Ice: Citrus flavours with the blend of ice can be very satisfying this summer. The brand Pure Tobacco Citrus Ice is great for mixing with any flavour like grapefruit, sweet lime and orange. One of our best flavour in this category is Morangi a lovely combination of mango and orange/tangerine.

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